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Youth Matters: Blessed to be a part of youth centre


Janice Davis, Community sponsor

Youth Matters: Blessed to be a part of the youth centre
Flamborough Review
By Janice Davis

I have been supporting the personal fundraising efforts of a Youth For Christ staff member for about a year and I would like to share how this came to be and how it is impacting my life.

Although I am a Christian, at this time in my life I am not committed to any one church. And yet I feel the need to support an organization that represents my values and is in need of on going financial support. I was searching, not always consciously, but always looking, listening and considering.

Then I started passing the corner of Parkside Drive and Centre Road daily on my way to work and took notice of the plans for this piece of land and the progress that was developing and taking shape. Soon, I was really paying attention – and I even found myself a little excited!

God has blessed me (in countless ways) in this instance with a wonderful co-worker and beautiful friend in Lynda Bonus. As I was watching the physical progress of the structural building, God was doing what He does best…working in the heart of Lynda, leading her to make a change and leave her job to pursue a new role as Youth Centre Director for YFC. Her move of faith strengthened my interest in what was going on in that building on the corner in my community.

My husband and I have three beautiful adult children who each have supportive and loving partners; we have two precious grandchildren, many nieces and nephews and now even great nieces and nephews. We have been blessed with the love and support of our families, friends and our communities as we raised our children, moving around Ontario and then coming back to our roots in this area. I have always felt fortunate to have had a wonderful childhood and that John and I were able to give that to our children – and yet we know that not everyone has had that same experience.

Supporting the ministry of YFC Waterdown was the answer for me to fulfill the need I felt subtly pulling at me, the need to make a difference no matter how small. It has also allowed me to give back and support the youth in my community that, for many reasons need a place to go where they can feel safe and hear the word of God.

And I feel so proud when I drive by the youth centre that I think, Wow, Janice, way to go! You are a part of that! It is a God-filled home that is every day giving back to the community. I feel good. I feel, once again, blessed.